Creative Conversations

Parallel sessions will provide the opportunity for Creative Conversations on the conference themes around three strands:


Inspire: partnerships for creative places

  • Focus: developing innovative partnerships and models to generate and maximise the potential of the cultural and creative sectors.

Cities increasingly need to think creatively and act as brokers and facilitators between cultural stakeholders and beyond: local organisations, citizens, private partners, other city services, sectors, and other cities. This requires a clear political vision and a willingness to work in a different way. Culture can provide opportunities to work and engage with citizens. Rethinking cultural and creative spaces can inspire new approaches for tackling urban challenges, as well as giving local inhabitants the opportunity to have rich and diverse experiences in areas where cultural offerings are limited.


Impact: creating competitive cities

  • Focus on the role of culture and creativity as a catalyst for economic growth,¬†wealth creation and innovation in cities.

Culture and creativity is at the heart of vibrant, innovative prosperous cities driving inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Citizens, including creative and knowledge-based workers, are the sources of the innovation and dynamism that drive successful cities. Cities are well placed to harness the transformative power of culture on people, place and economy. The challenge of how to use and develop cultural assets, creative capacity, talent, know-how and new technologies to stimulate innovation and decide where to invest, sometimes scarce, resources needs to be addressed by cities.


Involve: inclusion and empowerment through culture

  • Focus on culture and creativity in promoting social inclusion and empowering citizens in making decisions about their communities and life chances.

Cities are actively engaging citizens in shaping urban policy/city life or in decision-making through creative or cultural projects. A number of cities participating in the Cities4Europe campaign are showcasing how citizens and cities can work at local level through cultural activities to enhance understanding and create a better future. Cultural events and projects can be agents of change, encouraging community connectedness and bridging diverse communities.